lunes, 5 de octubre de 2009

My TOP FIVE list!

If a foreigner tourist arrives in Santiago de Chile, and he hasn’t known what to do in this big city, My TOP FIVE list of places that he must visit until leave to another country will contain:
1. San Cristóbal’s Hill: This beautiful hill in the middle of the city is a place full of different things to do and to watch. Here my foreign friend could ride bicycle visiting all the gardens, the landscape and the view of the main part of the city (if he has luck and there is no pollution). Also, he could go to the zoo, to the swimming pools, and even have a ride in the typical lift of this enormous hill. The reason of why I choose this place is because you can go and do lot of interesting and very different things in the same place.
2. Lastarria Street: Arrive to this zone is very easy, so that, my foreign friend shouldn’t have any difficulty to arrive (On subway, he would have to stop on Universidad Católica station). This narrow street is full of places, like restaurants, cafeterias, cloth stores, pubs, museums and even a cinema called El biógrafo that always have very good movies. I choose this street because is placed in a beautiful zone near to Santa Lucía’s Hill and Forestal Park.
3. Bellavista Neighbourhood: I choose this place because here you can have a good time, with a nice drink and some chips in one of all the bars and pubs (even discotheques) that this neighbourhood offers. Also, there is all kind of crafts that you can buy in the street.
4. Patronato Street: Talking of buying, and if you want to have lot of cloth and accessories for very good prices, this is a place that my foreign friend cannot miss.
5. Bellas Artes museum and Contemporary Art museum: I choose these museums because there are like the emblematic museums of the city, also because of their amazing architecture. Definitely, you can`t go of Santiago until visit them.

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